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Recovering towed vehicles

In order to recover a vehicle towed by the Municipal Police according to article 159 C.d.S., it is necessary to verify, even by telephone, that the Municipal Police actually towed it and then go to the Ufficio Relazioni Esterne (External Affairs Office) with a valid driving license.

The staff in charge will give the direction to the tow yard in agreement in order to recover the vehicle subject to the payment of the costs of removal and keeping directly at the tow yard.
It is recalled that in order to reach the tow yard, which is based in Ospedaletto, the user must go at their own expense.
The Ufficio Relazioni Esterne (External Affairs Office) is open every day including holidays from 07:00 to 00:00.

For more information Ufficio RELAZIONI ESTERNE (External Affairs Office)
Address: via Cesare Battisti (Sesta Porta)
Telephone: 050-910811 (press “1” to speak with an operator)

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