Comune di Pisa


The Mobilità service is in charge of:
· managing public transport service through the Consorzio Trasporto Pubblico
· managing the company mobility through the Mobility Manager figure (Decreto
Interministeriale del Ministero dell'Ambiente of 27 March 1998 - "mobilità sostenibile
nelle aree urbane");
· drawing up and updating the traffic plan (the general plan for the urban traffic and
detailed plans), with the support of PISAMO (the company in charge of the Mobility
in the District of Pisa);
· managing the service agreement with PISAMO, which directly provides the
following services and carries out activities related to the urban mobility:
- Management of the electronic gates (varchi elettronici) of the restricted traffic zones
- Management of the fee-paying car parks
- Parking fines
- The vehicle removal service
- Managing the cycling mobility
- Measures related to the mobility
- Help desk: issue of applications for access the ZTL (restricted traffic zone), sale of
parking titles
- Routine and special maintenance of signage
- Special maintenance and carrying out of new public works related to mobility
The Mobilità service is not in charge of (because other Offices are responsible for):
· driveways
· issue of applications for access the ZTL (restricted traffic zone), because they are issued by PISAMO
· ordinances for traffic alterations
· checking the violations of the Traffic Code

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