Comune di Pisa

Access to documents

The Right of Access to the documents allows inspecting and taking copies of administrative documents held by the city hall.

This right can be exercised by all private persons, including the stakeholders of public and diffuse interests, who have a direct, concrete and current interest related to a legally safeguarded situation and connected to the document that is the subject of the request for access to documents.

The application can be presented by: the person concerned (property owner, neighbor, holder, etc.), a delegated (legal representative, attorney, guardian, professional appointed).

The proxy, together with a copy of the delegator’s identity document, must be attached to the application.

The citizen can make a request for: the inspection of administrative acts and documents, the issue of an uncertified copy of administrative acts and documents (upon payment of the costs of reproduction), the issue of a certified copy of administrative acts and documents (upon payment of the stamp duty and costs of reproduction).

A non-tax receipt shall be issued for the costs of the right of copy.

N.B. The acts which are certified or drawn up by the Secretary General must be issued in a certified copy, subject to stamp duty (art.69 L. n°89 del 1913, art. 1 Parte I All. A al D.P.R. n° 642 del 1972).

Arrangements for submitting:

The application, when completed in its entirety, can be presented:

  • In person at the Public Relations Office,
  • In person at the Decentralised Offices,
  • By PEC (Certified email) to,
  • By institutional email,
  • By post to URP, Via degli Uffizi 1 56125 Pisa,
  • By fax to number 0508669133,
  • Using the Online Services Portal

The response can be immediate, if the documents are available at the Public Relations Office, or within no more than 30 days if the requested document is held by another office.

The Public Relations Office holds the copy of the municipal statuses, the regulation on access to documents and information, the regulation of the town hall and sales materials.

N.B. If the application is not presented in person, a copy of a valid identity document must always be attached to it.

Record search

The record search for the building trade procedures, in the absence of identification data (reference number) must be done upon payment of the costs, which amounts to EUR 32,00 for the search every 5 years, specifying the potential holders of the procedure.



Methods of payment:

1)    Payment by form at the post office (bollettino) to the postal current account n. 13459565 in the name of "Comune di Pisa - servizio tesoreria, with the reason “Ricerche d'archivio”.

2)    Bank transfer to postal current account IT29V0760114000000013459565 , account "Comune di Pisa - servizio tesoreria with the reason “Ricerche d’archivio”.

3)    Bank transfer to bank account "Comune di Pisa - servizio tesoreria"c/o la Banca di Pisa e Fornacette: IBAN: IT95P0856270910000000062485, with the reason “Ricerche d’archivio”.

N.B. the receipt of payment must be attached to the application for access to documents when submitting the application.

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