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the entrance of the botanical garden

It is possible to visit again after many years this beatiful historical botanical garden.

Founded in 1543 by the botanist, Luca Ghini as a University Centre for the study of plantlife, it was originally located nearer the river and was moved here in 1592 by the Flemish botanist Giuseppe Casabona.

It's arguably the world's oldest botanical garden.

Inside you can visit its rich collection of local and exotic species cultivated both in the open and in greenhouses.


In the oldest portion of the gardens stands a Botanical Institute, whose posterior  faįade, completed in the late 16th C, is decorated in the style of the "grotesque" with mosaic motifs in ceramic and shells.




the Botanical InstituteAccess is from Via L. Ghini, a street crossing Via Santa Maria. Entrance is free and a guide may be requested for groups or school parties.

Visiting hours: Mon-Sat 8:00/13:00

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