Comune di Pisa

Rete civica pisana


-          emigration, which guarantee that the Italian ancestor does not acquire the foreign State of emigration’s citizenship, before the born of the interested descendent.


  1. The Stato Civile Official acquires from the Italian authorities the certificate which guarantees              that neither the applicant nor the line straight ancestor never renounced to the Italian citizenship.
  2. After the check of the possession of requirements, the Official will close the procedure attesting the possession of the Italian citizenship and registering the Stato Civile deeds that concerns the person to whom the Italian citizenship is approved.







Mother’s lineage

Also mother’s lineage passed down; however the mother imparts the Italian citizenship only to the children born after the 1st of January of 1948, the date in which the italian Constitution become law.


Underage children

Underage children of Italian parents acquire the Italian citizenship from the birth without additional procedures. It is not necessary that the child lives in the Italian country.




The original documents produced abroad by foreign authorities must be:

-          Legalized by the diplomatic Italian competent authority;

-          Translate in Italian language. The translation have to be suitable with the foreign test by the Italian diplomatic authority, or by an Italian translator who given with an oath his/her official translation in front of the Cancelleria del Tribunale.



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