Comune di Pisa

Online Certificates with digital stamp

It is now operative the online service which allows the users registered on the Online Services Portal of the district of Pisa to receive on their devices the certificates related to the registry office and the marital status, without having to go to the municipal offices.

The certificates issued in PDF format, with digital stamp by the Mayor and made valid and authentic thanks to the digital stamp technology, can be used in PDF or printed format.

It is required to authenticate according to the methods of the Online Services Portal in order to access the service.

Thanks to the service “ONLINE REGISTRY OFFICE CERTIFICATES” (CERTIFICATI ANAGRAFICI ONLINE) it is possible to apply for the following register certificates:

  • Certificate of Nationality
  • Certificate of Existence
  • Certificate of Residence/Family status
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Certificate of Family status
  • Certificate of Unmarried status
  • Certificate of Registration on electoral lists
  • Certificate of Residence/Nationality/Unmarried status
  • Historical Certificate of Residence
  • Certificate of Enjoyment of political rights
  • Certificate of Birth/Marital status/Residence/Nationality/Family status

These certificates can be applied only by citizens who live in the district of Pisa. It is required to indicate the certificate type and the person of one’s family to whom the certificate is referred. Therefore, the applicant must specify if he/she wants the certificate with the stamp or not. If not, which is possible just for some specific circumstances, it is required to select one of the purposes in the drop-down list.

By the way, it is clarified that the registry office certificates are issued with stamp by law and the relative mark must be applied at the applicant’s expense in the space provided in the upper right-hand corner of the certificate. The tax stamp, which amounts at EUR 16, must be brought by the citizen at the moment of the application; in fact, the system needs the identification number and the issue date of the tax stamp, which must be prior or simultaneous to the date of the certificate. The tax stamp will be annulled after the issue of the certificate on the same day, by writing the date on the very certificate. Therefore, the system generates on the certificate an indication of discharge of the obligations, so that the district doesn’t have responsibility for not using again the same tax stamp.

Anyway, it is possible to issue the certificate on paper without stamp if the applicant states one of the reasons for exemptions, which are laid down in the regulations and mentioned by the system, keeping in mind that the exemption is possible only and exclusively if the registry office certificate is actually needed and useful for the purpose indicated. Using an issued certificate without stamp for purposes other than the ones laid down in the regulations is tax evasion.

In both cases the administrative charges are not required (as established on approval of the municipal council n. 123/2015 of 29/09/2015).

In order to complete the form, the applicant must provide an email address to receive a copy of the certificate and then submit the application by clicking on the button “Invia la richiesta”. The system generates the certificate demanded in PDF format, which can be immediately downloaded and will be sent to the email address provided.

The service “ONLINE CERTIFICATE OF MARITAL STATUS” allows to apply for the following certificates of marital status, if the related acts exist in the “Marital Status” digital records of the district of Pisa (even if the people concerned are not residents in the district of Pisa).

  • Certificate of Marriage
  • Certificate of Death
  • Certificate of Birth

The system requires the data to identify the holder of the certificate (the tax code, if the people are counted in the registry database or alternatively surname, name, date of birth and sex). It is required to select the certificate type and insert the date and the District of the event, in other words date and place of birth, date and place of marriage, date and place of death. In the field “Comune evento” the applicant must select the district and click on the box with the dots to process the data inserted. By clicking on the button “Cerca”, the name needed will appear and it must be selected in order to open the summary page, in which the reference email address must be indicated. The application is sent by clicking on “Invia la richiesta” and the system generates the needed certificate in PDF format, which can be immediately downloaded and which is also sent to the email address provided.

It is clarified that for the Certificates of Marital Status the stamp duty exemption is provided for by law (Legge 405/1990) and the administrative charges are not required.

From 1 January 2012 the Registry office and the Marital Status certificates can only be used among private individuals. The public offices can’t issue certificates to exhibit at other public administration offices, otherwise it will be nullified, consequently, it is put on the certificate, failing which, the following lettering: “Il presente certificato non può essere prodotto agli organi della Pubblica Amministrazione o ai privati gestori di pubblici servizi” (The present certificate can’t be exhibited at the Public Administration authorities or managers of public utilities). In fact, the current legislation (Legge 183/2011) forces the Public Administration authorities and the managers of public utilities to accept (and request), as a replacement for the Registry office and the Marital Status certifications, the self-certification.

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