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Services on appointment

It is possible to turn to the Registry Office for some services on appointment.

The new method concerns the services which require a longer process, as:

-       Issue of the new electronic ID card

-       Change of residence

The purpose is to make the services quicker and more convenient for the citizen, in order to avoid queues and save time.

Thanks to this new method, it is possible to improve the waiting times and provide a service which is more and more organized and efficient, by using the internet and the tools of the municipal digital Agenda.

The service on reservation is operative every day from 9 to 12

On the same days the other services are provided in accordance with the procedure in force.

It is possible to book the appointment and apply for a new ID card or carry out a change of residence:

-       By calling the number 333 6264260

-       Online, going to the portal of the Ministry of the Interior AgendaCie. In order to ask for an appointment it is necessary to register with the tax code and then to create a password to access the portal.

Therefore, it is possible to schedule a date and time within the available time slots for the public.

Any message by the office will be sent to the email address provided.

For more information about the methods of registration on the portal AgendaCie.

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