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SSID “pisa wifi”


Free wireless access

Active hotspots 37

Access points 135

Coverage area 145.800 mq

Registered users 90.000

Facebook Wi-Pi to give opinion and to get support (SSID) “pisawifi” -  Internet free and boundless Access

Report of the Free Pisa Wifi network from April 2018, date activation hospital hotspot: pediatric ward and Emergency Room (Cisanello buiding 31)

All registered users during the period: 30.069, about 1.900 a day

Customer satisfaction 89%

All access to the Hospital’s hotspot: 15.536, about 37 a day

A survey carried out through targeted communications to users Hospital, showed that: “ the service is always of simple use and suitable connectivity” “it is an good idea to also extend the service to other departments” and that the “free wifi is helpful to stay connected with the outside word”.

Then the objective is that to progressively extend the net Pisa Wifi to all the hospital departments

Last activated hotspot – Hospital (27 April 2018)

35 Access points  - Coverage area 3.000 mq

Hotspot XXXVI “Pediatric ward – Santa Chiara”

Hotspot XXXVII “Building 31 - Emergency Room - Cisanello”

The toll free number for these hotspots is 800 913 186 and it is available from 09.00 to 18.00.

These new hotspots have been activated on a new platform, so a new registration is required for now.

However, they operate in the same way as the pre-existing ones.

The operating technological platforms will be integrated shortly.


In order to register, the user must use his mobile device in an area covered by the service Pisa-wifi.

First access with mobile device:

  • Choose “Impostazioni” -> Wifi -> Pisa Wifi
  • If the browser doesn’t load the page automatically, enter any URL (not “https”)
  • Fill in the data fields and you will receive the PIN number by SMS

N.B. If the registration is made with a mobile number which is not Italian, it is necessary to use a valid credit card as identification.

The system will remember the user for further access, so it is only necessary to click on “ACCEDI”.

If the user needs to connect by more devices, it is necessary to register every device and the PIN number will be the same depending on the phone number provided.

The toll free number is 800808919 (Tiscali)

Pisa WiFi has joined “Free Italia WiFi” project, a federation of Free Italian WiFi networks. Subscribers can use their personal account to access any federated network.


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