Comune di Pisa

Registration of documents

The Public Relations Office is responsible for registration of documents. When presenting the application, the citizen will receive a receipt with the reference number, the date and the name of the department to which the document has been sent to manage the process.

The acts which can be hand-delivered at the front office are as follows:

-       Applications for Residential suitability

-       Applications for Free patronage and Patronage with stamp

-       Accident reports

-       Suggestions, Complaints, Maintenance announcements

-       Applications for access to documents

-       Notices of Rent Support, Competition announcements for the allocation of ERP housing

-       Tender offers and inclusions where provided in the announcement

-       Make an appeal against administrative penalties

-       Petitions and exposés

-       Acts and applications where provided in the process

N.B. All the Building Trade procedures and the SUAP procedures are managed by online portals and offices in charge.

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