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Rete civica pisana

Suggestions, Complaints, Maintenance announcements

It is possible to present to the Public Relations Office maintenance requests, announcements, proposals, complaints and suggestions about the services offered and the activity of the city hall of Pisa.

Everything sent by the citizens is transmitted to the offices in charge of evaluation of services and potential activities aimed at improving.

Announcements and maintenance requests

The requests related to the need for maintenance (roads, parks, broken street lights, etc) can be sent by using the portal Online Announcement and filling out a simple application.

It is important to enter all information required for the announcement to be valid.

While dealing with the maintenance request, the city hall of Pisa processes data just to intervene in the announcement and according to the D.Lgs. 196/2003 and any subsequent change or annex.

The request in the system is transmitted directly to the offices in charge of maintenance and the citizen can trace the stages of the procedure directly from the portal. At the end of the process, the citizen who sent the request will receive a direct response by email.

Suggestions, Complaints, Announcements not included in the normal maintenance

Suggestions or advice, complaints and announcements not included in the categories of online portal can be presented at the Public Relations Office through the following procedures:

  • In person at the Public Relations Office,
  • In person at the Decentralised Offices,
  • On the hotline 800 981212,
  • By PEC (Certified email) to,
  • By institutional email,
  • By post to URP, Via degli Uffizi 1 56125 Pisa,
  • By fax to number 0508669133,
  • Using the portal Online services

It is possible to present the application by using the form provided. Every application must contain a subject to ease the management of the procedure.  

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