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Pisa WiFi (en.)

(SSID) "pisa wifi" - Free access

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Hotspot  37    AP 91    area mq: 130.720

Accont 80.000        

Android 57%, IOS 18% other 23%

Customer 94%          800808919


NEW HOTSPOT august 2017:

Hotspot XXVIII "Piazza Sardegna Marina di Pisa"

Hotspot XXIX "Piazza Gorgona Marina di Pisa"

Hotspot XXX "Riglione"

Hotspot XXXI "zona aeroporto - Via Pardi"

Hotspot XXXII "CTP 1 - marina di Pisa"

Hotspot XXXIII "CTP 5"

Hotsospot XXXiV "6° Porta - Polizia Municipale"


To connect to Pisa WiFi  you need to register

1 -  On line registration requires a mobile italian number or a valid credit card and your country mobile number. The registration is free of Charge. The account credentials will be sent you by SMS

2 - You can also register by email. Please print, fill in, scan this page and send it to,  together with a copy of your valid passport. Your account will be sent you by SMS

3 - You can also go directly to our office URP, asking for registration:

     Office: Lungarno G. Galilei, 43 , ingresso da Piazza XX Settembre 

     Phone: 050 910237 050 910237 

     Fax: 050-910337


Pisa WiFi has joined “Free Italia WiFi” project, a federation of Free Italian WiFi networks. Subscribers can use own personal account to access any federated network.


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Pisa WiFi (en.)