Riva del Garda (Trento)

(Photo E.Munerati
Archivio Ufficio Beni Archeologici
Provincia Autonoma di Trento)

Detail of the front side

 The first of the group of six from Arco discovered on 31 October 1989, and at an overall height of 215 cm, is also the largest. It is made of limestone.
This stelae-statue has all of the characteristics of the group from Trentino: the anatomical elements are almost entirely absent, being limited, at face value, to an extreme stylization ; while on the contrary, the numerous weapons are depicted with an exceptional richness of detail. It is decorated on the front and sides. On the front can be recognized : a small face represented by a small oblique T and delimited by a filigree necklace, seven poignards with triangular blades and half-moon pommel hilts, three halebards, three axes with elbow-shaped handles, a war axe (T-shaped object), and a belt with festoons that extends across the sides.