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- Radio taxi –phone number:  050 541600
- Airport square : 050 28542
- Duomo square:  050 561878 , train station square:  050 41252 

Since 7th July 2003 is possible to go from the Airport to the Train station and from the Trein Station to Manin Square with a collective bus. With the collective bus a group of  person  (max 8 persons) can go from a place to another together sharing the cost. This service is available through the Cooperativa Taxisti Pisani ( Co.Ta.Pi.).

The minimum number of passengers is three.

The prices depend on areas, the entire city is divided in different areas and to move inside an area the price is £ 2.50, to move from an area to another is £ 4.00.

The taxis used for this special service are different from the others and easy to recognize, they have a special badge and special parking areas. They are white and on their side there is the writing TAXI COLLETTIVO (Collective taxi). In each one there is a display that signals the number of free places and a telephone to pick up people along the way.

They are easy accessible also from people with phisical handicap.

The route they do is:

Piazzale Aerostazione - Via dell'Aeroporto - Piazza Giusti – Cavalcavia della ferrovia di S. Giusto - Via Corridoni - Piazza Stazione - Viale Gramsci - Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II - Piazza S. Antonio - Via Crispi - Ponte Solferino - Piazza Solferino - Via Fermi - Via Rustichello - Via Bonanno - Piazza Manin (capolinea)

Piazza Manin - Via Bonanno - Via Rustichello - Via Fermi - Piazza Solferino - Lungarno Pacinotti - Ponte di Mezzo - Lungarno Gambacorti - Via Mazzini - Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II - Viale Gramsci - Piazza Stazione - Via Corridoni - Cavalcavia della ferrovia di S. Giusto - Piazza Giusti - Via dell'Aeroporto - Piazzale Aerostazione.