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The Sant’Antonio quarter covers an important Lungarno (the part of the city along the river) called Gambacorti, from the name of an important family that governed Pisa for a long time in the  XIV century, whose Mansion-house is already along the river (Palazzo Gambacorti).

One of the important church in Lungarno Gambacorti is the Church of Santa Maria della Spina (Church of Saint Mary of the Thorn), its name come from the thorn of the crown of thorns of Christ that once was preserved there. It is a gem of Pisan Gothica architecture and there we find a copy of the sculpture of Nino Pisano Madonna del Latte (the original masterpiece is in the National Museum of San Matteo).

The other Lungarno is Sonnino, from the name of an important politician. Along this site of  the river we have the Convento delle Benedettine (i.e. the nunnery of the Benedictine nuns).


Nunnery of benedectine order


A beautiful church to see is  the church of San Paolo a Ripa D’arno of the XI century.

Near the bus station there is another masterpiece  the murales of Keith Haring, a representation of peace through the  problems of the human and animal life.

There is also the house of the Rossini family, where Mazzini stayed for a while under the false name of Mr Brown, this house has been rebuilt after the bombing rade of 1943 and is now called the DOMUS MAZZINIANA. Here the works of Mazzini are studied, and a lot of  documents about him and his life are conserved, frequently also meetings and discussions about him take place.