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Coat of arm of Niles  


The municipality of Niles


                 The twinning pact between Pisa and Niles was signed in the 1991 to set ties of friendship and cooperation between two communities bound by the presence, in the American town, of many Pisan emigrants. In the centre of Niles is present a copy of the famous leaning tower. This monument, became the symbol of the town, it was built in 1932 to pick up the water needed by a  sporting plant.

Niles, born in the second half of the XIX century as village of pioneers, grown thanks to the migrant flows coming from Europe, it is now a big industrial centre at the doors of Chicago.

Its shops and commercial centres recall every year million of visitors, hundreds of thousands of people work in the establishments belonging at big international companies as the Coca Cola. The composition of the population gives Niles the appearance of a dynamic and lively town.