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               Angers, ancient capital of the Anjou county, is twinned with Pisa since the 1982. The friendship between the two towns concern the exchange and cooperation in several fields in order to assure the common progress. The presence of ambassadors with the task to consolidate the ties between the two towns constitutes a fundamental point of the twinning pact. Angers, like Pisa, boasts a big university tradition and a glorious past. The town, placed along the shores of the Maine river, is rich of historical monuments. The most important is the castle-fortress of the XIII century which lodges the tapestry of the apocalypse, commissioned in 1375 by Louis Anjou and composed by 75 tables. Angers is also a lively economic centre where the traditional production - the Cointreau has been distilled there for 150 years - is joined to the most modern industries of computer science and electronics.