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The quarter is characterized by a part of the Lungarni called Mediceo, because on this site we have a lot of mansion-houses of the Medici family.

Along this part of the river we have Palazzo Toscanelli ones the house of the rich family of Lanfranchi, where Lord Byron lived for a while, and another important guest was Paolina Borghese, the sister of Napoleon.

Another well-known palace is Palazzo Roncioni where stayed Alfieri and Foscolo (two important Italian writers and poets of the XVIII century).

Also the squares of this part of the city are famous as Piazza Garibaldi (the Garibaldi Square), dedicated to the famous hero of the Italian Risorgimento.

Not far from this square there is Teatro Verdi (i.e. the Verdi Theatre) built between 1865 and 1867, with seats for a thousand of spectators.

Along the river the Church of S. Mattew with its marvellous ceiling is enriched with the National Museum of the city.

Two are the main churches of the San Francesco quarter: the Church of Santa Caterina (the church of Saint Catherine) of the Dominican Order and the Church of  San Francesco (the church of Saint Francis) of the Francis Order, with their beautiful stained glass windows, their paintings and their graves of important persons.

the church of san Francesco