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           The twinning agreement between Pisa and Akko was signed in the 1988 but the tie between the two towns goes up  to the XII D.C., when the Israeli harbour was the principal landing for the crusaders and pilgrims bound for the “Holy Land”. Among the many inhabitants of Pisa who arrived to Akko are counted S.Ranieri and S.Bona.

The geographical position of the town, placed on the coast in the extreme north of the Israeli State, has allowed Akko to be not only a connector point between Middle East and Western Europe but also a commercial base for the four Maritime Republics, which disposed there of blooming emporiums . The remains of the ancient harbour and relative stores reserved for the only ships of Pisa are still visible in the old town. As in the past Akko support the friendship ties among various peoples. The test of its natural bent to the cultural mediation is represented by the pacific cohabitation between the Hebrew and Arab citizens of the town.