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Associazione Pisana Scienze Naturali is based in Pisa (Italy); is an association of people who loves, studies and collects everything about Natural History.

His aim is to further study, research and exchange of informations and items related to Natural History; so it would act in two ways:

  • on an educational point of view, it organizes didactical exhibitions, conferences for schools and multimedia displays.
  • on a more specialistic point of view it promotes exchange and cooperation with similar associations, both national and foreign, and with public or private Authorities wich may have similar purpose; it organizes specialized exhibits, conferences, debats and excursions, and puts on disposal its own informative material.

Joins European Federation of Mineralogical and Paleontological Groups.
Joins Tuscany Federation of Mineralogical and Paleontological Groups.
Joins Società Italiana di Malacologia (Italian Malacological Society).
Joins G.I.R.O.S. (Italian Group for the Research on Wild Orchids).
Joins Associazione Micologica Bresadola (Micological Association "Bresadola").
Joins Cactus& Co. Association.


Some members of APSN: from left Andrea Randazzo, Vicepresident Glauco Baldassari,
Webmaster Bernardo Baldassari, Ferruccio Bargagna, President Nicola Cardaci, Francesco Bonotti..

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