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The Lobivia are South Americans cacti (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru) appreciated by the collectors for the bright bloom. The most recent monograph about the Lobivia genus is "Lobivia 85" by W.Rausch and currently it results difficult to find. Therefore I think to make pleasant thing to cacti collectors by means of this photographic harvest of Lobivia plants cultivated mainly from habitat-collected Walter Rausch's seeds.

I have neither inserted the group of the "Mediolobivia" because in a recent job (Cactus&Co. vol.III-n.4, pag.187) S.Mosti has considered them as Digitorebutia, nor that of the Acanthocalycium.

I took the following photos during December 1999, and plants were in vegetative stasis, therefore plants in the photoes have not flowers, but I hope they will be helpful for everyone who want to try to classify his own plants. I hope in the future to be able to insert in these www-pages the photos of the flowers. I must acknowledge prof. Leonardo Gavazzi who made his collection of Lobivia available to me.

Abbreviations :
WR-Walter Rausch
PM-Preston Mahfam
CS-Plant from
commercial seeds
CP-Commercial Plant

better vision of these pages with a screen resolution of 800x600

All photos are by A.Randazzo


name sp./var.
acanthoplegma acanthoplegma oligotricha
acanthoplegma pilosa acanthoplegma roseiflora
acanthoplegma patula arachnacantha
arachnacantha densiseta arachnacantha sulphurea
arachnacantha torrecillasensis arachnacantha vallegrandensis
aurea aurea albiflora
aurea callochrysea aurea catamarcensis
aurea dobeana aurea fallax
aurea leucomalla aurea quinesensis
aurea shaferi aurea sierragrandensis
aurea tortuosa backebergii
backebergii larae backebergii oxialabastra
caineana calorubra
calorubra grandiflora calorubra megalocephala
calorubra mizquensis calorubra pojoensis
cardenasiana chrysantha
chrysantha hypocyrta chrysantha "klusacekii"
chrysochete chrysochete markusii
chrysochete minutiflora chrysochete subtilis
chrysochete tenuispina chrysochete hystrix
cinnabarina cinnabarina draxleriana
cinnabarina gracilis cinnabarina grandiflora
cinnabarina waltrespielii cinnabarina zudanensis
famatimensis famatimensis jachalensis
famatimensis sanjuanensis ferox
ferox longispina ferox potosina
ferox potosina "cerdana" ferox ducis-pauli
formosa formosa amaichensis
formosa bertramiana formosa bruchii
formosa grandis formosa hyalacantha
formosa kieslingii formosa nivalis
formosa randallii formosa rosarioana
formosa tarijensis formosa uebelmanniana
grandiflora grandiflora crassicaulis
grandiflora lobivioides grandiflora longispina
grandiflora pumila grandiflora herzogii
haematantha haematantha amblayensis
haematantha chorillosensis haematantha densispina
haematantha elongata haematantha hualfinensis
haematantha hualfinensis "fechseri" haematantha kuehnrichii
haematantha molinensis haematantha rebutioides
haematantha viridis haematantha yasimanensis
hertrichiana hertrichiana lauii
hertrichiana simplex huascha
huascha calliantha huascha robusta
huascha rubriflora huascha walteri
jajoiana jajoiana aurata
jajoiana caspalasensis jajoiana elegans
jajoiana fleischeriana jajoiana nidularis
jajoiana nigrostoma jajoiana paucicostata
jajoiana pungens lateritia
lateritia citriflora lateritia cotagaitensis
lateritia kupperiana lateritia rubriflora
marsoneri marsoneri iridescens
maximiliana maximiliana caespitosa
maximiliana charazanensis maximiliana corbula
maximiliana durispina maximiliana hermanniana
maximiliana intermedia maximiliana miniatiflora
maximiliana sicuanensis maximiliana violacea
maximiliana westii pampana
pampana borealis pentlandii
pugionacantha pugionacantha cornuta
pugionacantha corrugata pugionacantha culpinensis
pugionacantha haemantha pugionacantha rossii
pugionacantha salitrensis pugionacantha versicolor
rauschi saltensis
saltensis multicostata saltensis nealeana
saltensis pseudocachensis saltensis zapallarensis
sanguiniflora sanguiniflora breviflora
sanguiniflora duursmaiana schieliana
schieliana leptacantha schieliana quiabayensis
schreiteri schreiteri stilowiana
schreiteri riolarensis silvestrii
tegeleriana tegeleriana akersii
tegeleriana incuiensis tiegeliana
tiegeliana cinnabarina tiegeliana flaviflora
tiegeliana pusilla tiegeliana ruberrima
wrightiana wrightiana winteriana

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